Dave Duncan Announces Run for State GOP Chair

Utah County’s own Dave Duncan has formally announced that he will run for the post of interim Utah Republican Party Chairman.  I wholeheartedly support Dave Duncan in this venture.

The State GOP Chairman’s post will become vacant on January 22, when current Chair Dave Hansen will officially step down in order to work on Senator Hatch’s 2012 reelection campaign.  On that date, Republican State Central Committee members will gather to elect an interim Chair to serve until the regularly scheduled Chair election takes place at the June 11 State Organizing Convention.

Dave Duncan is an excellent candidate for the State GOP Chair position.  He is an articulate, hardworking man of principle who speaks with the voice of reason. I have been so impressed watching his involvement in the Party. He supports others in their Party work and strives to keep our political process following the straight and narrow path of integrity. Additionally, he is a student of Robert’s Rules of Order — an absolute requirement for any chairman.  Dave Duncan would be an excellent State Party Chair.

So far, the only other candidate who has announced a bid for the Chairmanship is Thomas Wright, current Salt Lake County GOP Chair.  If no other candidates throw their hats into the ring, a race between Duncan and Wright will play out as a “Party Anointed” vs “Grass Roots” showdown.  Wright appears to have been hand-selected by Party insiders who want to hoard control and power in the top echelons of the Party, while Dave Duncan has stepped forward to represent the voice of the delegates — and thus the voice of Utah Republicans as a whole.

For example, at the December 4 State Central Committee meeting, a State GOP Constitution amendment was proposed that would allow the 180-member State Central Committee to veto constitutional amendments that have been brought forward and approved by a 2/3 vote of our 3,500 State Delegates (see State Central Committee Seeks Veto Power over Delegates).  Wright voted for shifting power to the SCC, while Duncan favors preserving power to the delegates.

Duncan has also been a tireless advocate for having all delegates elected in their precinct caucuses, without first skimming ex-officio (or “automatic”) delegate slots off the top of the delegate allocation.

I have no doubts that both Duncan and Wright are capable of running the Party.  The big difference between the candidates comes down to whose voice the new Party Chair will represent — the “good old boys” or the grass roots. During the last year or so we have seen a groundswell of grass roots voices rising up to denounce “politics as usual” and to insist on good governance that respects the voice of the people.  I hope that these grass roots voices will rise up to speak loud and clear during this State GOP Chair election.

Since only State Central Committee members will vote for interim Party Chair, State Delegates can only have a voice in this election if you contact your county’s SCC members and let them know how you’d like them to vote on your behalf. In Utah County, a list of SCC members and their contact info is available on the Party website.  Outside of Utah County, contact your county Party Secretary for a list of your SCC members and their contact info.

As I always say:  Stand up, speak up, and let your voice be heard!

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