Utah County Elected Officials Sworn-in Today

Today our Utah County elected officials took their oaths of office at a swearing-in ceremony (that’s swearing-in, not swearing-at) held in the Utah County Commission chambers.  In attendance were approximately 100 family members, friends and members of the community.

The oaths of office were administered by Judge Lynn Davis of the 4th District Court.  In the oath of office, each official solemnly swore to support, obey and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Utah Constitution, and to discharge all duties with fidelity. Those sworn in at today’s ceremony were:

County Commissioner Gary Anderson
County Commissioner Doug Witney
County Clerk Bryan Thompson
Sheriff James Tracy
County Treasurer Robert Kirk
County Attorney Jeff Buhman
County Recorder Jeff Smith
Judge Stevan Ridge
Judge Scott Cullimore
Surveyor Gary Ratcliffe
Assessor Kris Poulson

After the oaths were administered, Commissioner Anderson closed the ceremony with some remarks.  “This is a great team that’s assembled here. I foresee a great four years for Utah County,” he said.  Anderson declared that Utah County is in good hands with good elected officials who have solemnly pledged to discharge their duties with fidelity.

Governor Gary Herbert was also sworn-in today at the gubernatorial inauguration in Salt Lake City.

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