Party Chair Accuses Officers of Misconduct; Hearing Tonight

An interesting Utah County Republican Party meeting will take place this evening.  The UCRP Chair filed a formal complaint in November against three of his own officers/delegates because they are signers in a lawsuit alleging the State and County Parties have failed to follow their own rules regarding delegate allocation.

When submitting his complaint to the Executive Committee (the body that will hear both sides present their cases tonight), the UCRP Chair also submitted a vote-ready draft resolution laying out his desired hearing outcome.  In my opinion, it is unconscionable to submit a written, proposed hearing outcome to the jury before allowing the defendants to present their case. The Chair’s resolution requested that those named in the complaint be removed from their Party positions and not allowed to attend any public Party function for two years.

Executive Committee meetings are generally open to the public, although the hearing itself will probably be held in a closed executive session that would exclude members of the public.  The meeting will be at 6:00 p.m. this evening at the Realtors office building, 1031 W. Center, Orem.

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One Response to Party Chair Accuses Officers of Misconduct; Hearing Tonight

  1. Dave Duncan says:

    It should be noted that each of the three defendants has requested that the meeting remain open to the public for the duration of their hearing.

    If the meeting is closed tonight, it will not be to protect the integrity or reputation of the accused, but rather it will be because the Executive Committee is less concerned about the rights of the accused, and more concerned about the light of truth being shined on their actions as committee members.

    As a member of the Executive Committee, I will vehemently speak against any attempts to close any portion of this hearing. But the EC has already rejected such pleas on multiple occasions in the past.

    I don’t think we should close any meetings of the party, unless they contain sensitive or strategic information. Clearly, neither is the case for this meeting. I urge everyone to attend, and make it clear that you expect the meeting to remain open, so that all can witness whether the rights of the accused are respected.

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