Results of State GOP Interim Elections

On Saturday, 137 members of the Republican State Central Committee (out of 180 total) met to elect new State Party leadership. The SCC was responsible for voting on candidates to replace Chair Dave Hansen and Vice Chair Kitty Dunn, who are stepping down to work on Senator Hatch’s 2012 reelection campaign. The new leadership will serve until regularly scheduled Party leadership elections, which are scheduled for June 11.

There were excellent candidates running in all races.  Here is the list of candidates and the results of the voting:

Thomas Wright (elected with 83.94% of the vote)
Dave Duncan (14.59% of the vote)
James O’Neal (0.72% of the vote)
Carlos Tavares (0.72% of the vote)

Christy Achziger (elected with 84.67% of the vote)
Ben Smith (15.32% of the vote)

Dana Dickson (elected with 76.64% of the vote)
Lowell Nelson (23.35% of the vote)

Thank you to all of the candidates who stepped forward for consideration. Congratulations to those who were elected; we look forward to working with you as we strive to promote Republican principles and elect Republican candidates. 

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