Pro Illegal Immigration Bias Evident in Utah Media

I am becoming increasingly concerned about the local media’s bias on the illegal immigration issue, specifically the pro-amnesty, anti-enforcement view being pushed by KSLDS, the Deseret News and The Salt Lake Tribune.

As the legislative session progresses and the immigration debate heats up at the capitol, we are seeing Utah newspapers (and KSLDS radio) increase publicity for their own views on the topic. Once upon a time it was a basic tenet of Journalism 101 that reporters remain unbiased, report just the facts and avoid inserting personal thoughts or agendas into articles. That basic journalistic principle has all but vanished as news outlets have turned from reporting the news to influencing it.

Following is a letter recently sent to The Salt Lake Tribune by my friend Gaylan Stewart, a board member of Utahns for Immigration Reform and Enforcement (UFIRE). Stewart keeps tabs on the newspapers and noticed recently that the The Salt Lake Tribune hit a new record for the number of pro-illegal immigration articles published by a newspaper in a single day. I was intrigued by his letter and thought I would publish it here (with Stewart’s permission). Enjoy.

Good Monday Morning Trib Staff,

The SL Tribune has set a new record in the number of articles in a single day supporting amnesty for illegal immigrants, and  portraying those that want immigration laws enforced as unsympathetic, and in at least one case a hypocrite. The previous record for a single day held by the Deseret News was shattered by the Tribune’s 6 articles supporting illegal immigration in UT.  Yes, the Tribune says it doesn’t support illegal immigration, but they don’t want anyone punished, or the laws enforced and they have no other plan to stop it.  I am sure that the Tribs only suggestion would be to give amnesty in one form or another, without regard for ID theft, depressing wages for our own unskilled workers, and increasing smuggling and human trafficking pressure at the border, and visa overstayers. The Tribune’s bias slip is showing.

I have volunteered at the prison and let me tell you, every criminal has a sad story of some kind to tell.  Those who have broken our immigration and visa laws are no different.  I taught school in Utah for over 30 years, and I learned early that the quickest way to increase bad behavior was to reward it.  Amnesty of any type is a reward that others will quickly try to take advantage of. Ask yourselves what is the endgame for amnesty?  All of these articles are totally ONE SIDED!!!

Is legal immigration advocate a hero or hypocrite? By Lee Davidson
Mr. Davidson this article is beneath you.  You have allowed hearsay,  to be published with no real proof other than, he said she said.  This is called yellow journalism and it lowers the credibility of the Tribune. Is the way that Mr. Morales was treated in your article, the way we can expect citizens to be treated by the Tribune for speaking out against what they believe is wrong?

Life in the shadows: Undocumented residents speak out By david montero

Immigration: Marriage no guarantee couples can stay together. By Roxana ORellana

Mother who re-entered U.S. illegally misses seven kids from prison By Roxana ORellana

For mother’s sacrifice, U. student from Peru keeps plugging along By david montero

Utah Progressives decry state’s attempts to enact immigration reform By david burger

How About a Little Fairness and Objectivity from the Tribune on this Issue?

Gaylan Stewart
Spanish Fork, UT

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