Utah Poised to Become Biggest Sanctuary Sate in the Nation

I am extremely disappointed with yesterday’s passage of unconstitutional, liberal immigration policies that will position Utah to take the title of “biggest sanctuary state in the nation” — at the expense of Utah taxpayers and Utah workers. Read more about the legislation at KSLDS.

You could call it The Great Compromise – the Legislature squirmed through multiple contortions on multiple immigration bills before combining both enforcement and amnesty into a single bill. The biggest disappointment in the bill is an unconstitutional guest worker program that will have Utah begging the federal government for a waiver to exempt us from federal law so we can hire illegal immigrants.  And if we can’t get the exemption? No problem – the bill scheduled itself to go into effect in 2013 even if the feds won’t cooperate (though, knowing the Obama administration’s liberal views on immigration, I’m sure they’ll be tickled pink to comply). In the absence of a waiver, those hiring illegal immigrants (and the immigrants being hired) will still be in violation of federal law and subject to the consequences thereof.

The bill also left intact the taxpayer funded in-state college tuition benefit that Utah has been doling out to illegal immigrant adults for the past 9 years (in contradiction with federal law).

Shame on you Republican legislators who voted for this bill, and shame on our Republican Attorney General and Governor for supporting it.  You have failed to uphold the Republican Platform, which includes the following Utah State plank regarding illegal immigration:

“…We oppose illegal immigration and all forms of amnesty, or legal status, for illegal immigrants…We oppose granting government benefits to those illegally present in the US. We oppose any temporary or “guest” worker program that would offer an automatic path to citizenship. We believe that current laws against employing illegal immigrants should be vigorously enforced, particularly to stem the now too common crime of identity theft in obtaining employment.”

And the following from the Utah County Platform:

Taxpayers should not be covering state benefits for illegal aliens.

This legislative session started out well, with legislation supporting enforcement of immigration law seeing gains in the Legislature. I can only describe what happened next as ‘panic’ and ‘over-correction’ as three legislators (Robles, Bramble, Wright), seeing enforcement legislation about to pass, spun 180-degrees and threw unconstitutional guest-worker programs onto the legislative docket. How they convinced a majority of legislators to go along with them I do not yet know (but I expect those who bowed will face the same electoral fates as Senator Bennett and Representative Cannon).  Since it is infinitely easier to make law than to repeal law, we are now saddled with a mess that will likely never be corrected.

As a Republican, a taxpayer, a business owner and an American who believes in the rule of law, I feel betrayed by our state lawmakers.

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One Response to Utah Poised to Become Biggest Sanctuary Sate in the Nation

  1. anonymous m says:

    leticia olalia morales of (address removed) submitted fake documents and paid a consul 5000.00 dollars to obtain a US tourist visa. she is now applying for citizenship.

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