Governor Signs Fireworks Bill into Law

BAM! Fireworks in the state of Utah just got a lot more fun! Today Governor Herbert signed into law HB22, which permits the sale and use of “cake” fireworks. Cakes are sets of aerial shells arranged in vertical tubes on a grounded base and connected by a single fuse to create a long-lasting display that shoots colorful sparks higher than the old maximum legal height of 15 feet. Fireworks which leave the ground, such as bottle rockets, will still be prohibited, as will roman candles, firecrackers and cherry bombs.

The new law also changes the dates during which it is legal to purchase and use fireworks. The old law allowed the purchase of fireworks beginning on June 19, but they could not be used until July 1; now fireworks can be purchased AND used between June 26 and July 26. The new law shortens the time for purchasing fireworks during the New Year and Chinese New Year holidays, but lengthens the time during which they may be discharged to include the eve of the holiday, in addition to the holiday itself.

The state hopes the new, more lenient law will help Utah recapture sales and taxes lost when residents flock to Wyoming to purchase more exciting pyrotechnics than could previously be found in Utah. HB22 was sponsored by Representative Jim Dunnigan (R-Taylorsville), who said:

“Utah firework sales are a $12 million industry under the current law. Experts think this will increase sales by 20 percent.”

Check out the video below for examples of cake fireworks, as well as the link to video tips for using cakes safely.  Oooh!! Ahhh!! WOW!!

Firework Safety Tips: How to Shoot Cake Fireworks

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