Governor Signs HB116

I am very disappointed that Governor Herbert today chose to sign into law HB 116 (Utah Immigration Accountability and Enforcement Amendments). Read about it on KSLDS.  Actually, “disappointed” doesn’t go far enough; I feel betrayed by members of my Republican Party. This new law runs contrary to federal law and state law, and it violates the Utah County, Utah State and National Republican Party platforms. Yet it was crafted, voted on, promoted and signed by many Republican legislators, a Republican Attorney General and a Republican Governor. Perhaps the best word to describe what happened with HB116 is hypocrisy.

Arturo Morales-Llan, GOP Delegate and coalition founder of “Legal Immigrants for Illegal Immigration Enforcement”, has been working to organize delegates who are opposed to HB116. Morales-Llan said,

“This is the worst insult the legal residents of Utah have ever received by their sitting governor! HB116 is typical Washington style politics and we condemn its practice by our elected officials. This new law puts a stamp of approval on illegal immigration and those who come into this country illegally. This fatally flawed law confirms that Utah is a sanctuary state. Governor Herbert has chosen to ignore the will of the people and has violated the trust of those who voted for him during this past election. On an online petition to VETO HB116 an overwhelming amount of citizens (over 4,500 signatures) made it clear that they do not approve of HB116 and would rather see enforcement of laws against illegal immigration.”

Now that the bill is signed, the LDS Church has stepped out of the background and into the forefront of the immigration issue, as Presiding Bishop H. David Burton attended the signing ceremony today. Bishop Burton said,

“Our presence here testifies to the fact that we are appreciative of what has happened in the Legislature this session,” Burton said at the signing, indicating it was no accident or private decision. “We feel the Legislature has done an incredible job on a very complex issue.”

As the Salt Lake Tribune noted, “One thing is clear: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has abandoned its claims to neutrality on these bills.” Read the full story at the Trib website.

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2 Responses to Governor Signs HB116

  1. Richard Dunn says:

    I am a GOP precinct chair in SL county and I am also disgusted by this bill, especially because it was created and passed by Republicans. I think we need to repeal 116 and work to recall or replace all of those involved in getting this passed. I think we also need to force out in the open all LDS Church involvement in HB 116 and find out exactly who coerced the political process and in what way. And I am LDS.

  2. Steve Johnson says:

    Nobody who lives in Utah should be surprised by the LDS church’s influence in Utah politics.

    I highly recommend the book “Book of Mammon” by Daymon Smith. It’s insightful, hillarious, written by a current active church member who worked for over a decade in the church office building. Every Mormon living in Utah should read it, it explains so much of our experience, especially in Utah.

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