March 19 Central Committee Report

The Utah County Republican Party Central Committee met Saturday, March 19, to conduct business. The number of credentialed attendees was 306 (great turnout).

  • Before the agenda was adopted, a motion was made to add the following resolution to the agenda:  Resolution Supporting the Immigration Planks of the Republican Platform and Opposing the Unconstitutional Provisions of HB 116 (Utah Immigration Accountability and Enforcement Amendments). Those who spoke for adding this resolution to the agenda were generally in favor of having the Party make a public statement opposing HB116; those against adding the resolution to the agenda generally stated that they wanted more time to learn more about the issue.  The motion to add the resolution to the agenda failed by a vote of 148 to 127.
  • Ivan Keller was approved as the Vice Chair in Legislative District 60.
  • Lincoln Day Dinner Report — Great event, sold 58 tables, will result in about $4k profit.
  • Several delegate replacements were approved — the Central Committee will have to meet briefly before the 4/30 Organizing Convention to approve replacements submitted up until the 4/8 deadline.
  • Treasurer Report – the Party is under budget.
  • Audit Committee Report – 2009 review audit in conformity; 2010 review under way.  A motion was made by a CC member to have a full audit performed for 2010 instead of just a review, but the motion failed.
  • Speaker of the House Becky Lockhart addressed the committee.  She said our state is in an “enviable financial situation” that is “positive and strong”.  The legislature funded more money to education than the governor requested.  A joint committee to address redistricting will meet at least 20 times through the summer; draw maps; adopt maps in Oct/Nov special session.  Online mapping program will allow public to submit their own map ideas.  Asked everyone to read HB477 GRAMA law before judging it.
  • Rep John Dougall addressed HB477 GRAMA law – Said large GRAMA requests can take hundreds to thousands of hours, and the recipients should pay the bill (unless in the best interest of the taxpayers).  Said it was “never intended to be a formal act” but only meant too ignite discussion.  Apologized for the uproar it was causing.
  • Senator Margaret Dayton said she sponsored Sandstrom’s enforcement bill in the Senate but was disappointed that it was diluted.  Said Immigration and the 4-day work week were big issues; state agencies now back to 5 day work week. Bill passed to prevent taxpayer money from paying teachers who are on leave to work full time for the UEA.  “Our taxpayer money isn’t going to be funding union duties anymore and I’m so happy about that,” she said. Passed in-state tuition rates for military.
  • Convention training — Training docs will be distributed soon; goal is to help new delegates be effective as they participate in the 4/30 Organizing Convention.

Constitution, Bylaws, and Platform Changes:

  • Platform addition P-101 “Entitlement Reform” was amended to remove points 1 and 2.  Passed.
  • Platform addition P-102 “Proper Form of Government” was amended to read “Compound Constitutional Republic”.  Passed.
  • Constitution amendment C-102 “Standing Committee Chairs members of Central Committee” failed.
  • Bylaw change B-131 “Remove CC Election from Convention” passed.
  • Bylaw change B-127 “Prohibit counting your own ballots” passed.


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