Governor Herbert Wants to Repeal/Replace HB477

Looks like Governor Herbert and House Republicans are beginning to listen to the uproar.  Voters across the state have been hopping mad about the quick creation and fast-tracked passage of HB477 ever since it passed the Legislature on March 7.  The Daily Herald today reported that House Republicans met behind closed doors this morning and decided they would vote to repeal HB477, which makes unpopular changes to the state’s open records laws (known as GRAMA).

“Let me be clear: I will soon call the Legislature into special session,” Herbert said. “I expect, and the people expect, that the Utah State Legislature will repeal and replace HB 477. This will assure that whatever the outcome for Utah’s GRAMA, there will have been an open process for transparent and accountable government.”

A recent Dan Jones poll conducted for KSL and the Deseret News showed that 89 percent of Utahns call the process used to pass the GRAMA bill “not appropriate;” 8 percent thought it was OK.  A citizen’s referendum to repeal the new law is already under way.

Now the question is, will the governor and legislators listen to public outcry and repeal HB116?

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