GOP Activists Working to Repeal Guest Worker Law

I think this Salt Lake Tribune article is really great, but I admit I may be a little bit biased.  Check out the article to learn about the endeavors of grassroots activists (including yours truly) who are fighting to repeal HB116, the unconstitutional state-run guest worker program for illegal immigrants.

The legislative Office of General Counsel has advised that HB 116 has a “high probability” of being found unconstitutional in court – and Utah taxpayers get to foot the bill for the inevitable court challenge (organizations are already queuing up to sue).  The bill blatantly violates federal law.

HB116 also violates the Immigration Plank of the Utah County, Utah State and National GOP Platforms.  This might not be a big issue to some, but for those of us who volunteer scores of hours each month to promote and defend the principles and values of the Republican Party, it is big deal.  It is disheartening and distressing to watch some of our Republican elected officials violate their oath of office (to defend the Constitution of the United States) and violate their agreement to uphold the Party Platform.  The Platform is like a contract between voters and Republican elected officials — it essentially tells voters, “Vote Republican, and this is how we will vote in your behalf on these particular issues”.  Breaking this contract will drive voters away.

Partisanship aside, many say that HB116 is “amnesty” because it treats a specific group of people (illegal immigrants) in a preferential manner.  HB116 offers a guest worker permit to just about any illegal immigrant who has ever lived or worked in Utah, or who comes to Utah, prior to May 10, 2011 — if they pay a fine to the state.  If an illegal immigrant pays the fine, Utah says it will then redefine an alien’s immigration status as “legal” within the state.  However, Utah has no authority to redefine immigration status; only the federal government has that power.  This is a huge scam. Essentially, Utah is asking illegal immigrants to pay them $2,500 ($1k if you overstay your visa) for a piece of paper that is completely worthless. These immigrants are still illegal, despite Utah’s claims to the contrary. HB116 is worse than amnesty — it is “scamnesty”.

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One Response to GOP Activists Working to Repeal Guest Worker Law

  1. kim says:

    wake up utah……..gary herbert was proven to be corrupt before you voted him back in…………..unless it was all of his illegals with social security cards and fake i.d. that voted him in!!!!!!!!!!!!……….and with all the millions of muslems being flown into the united states……..barack obama will be re-elected in 2012……..hello tribulation……….

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