New “Repeal HB 116” Website Launched

Opponents of HB 116 have launched a new website promoting repeal of the infamous, unconstitutional bill that offers state-sponsored legal status and a guest worker program to illegal immigrants.  Visit the new site at

At this site, visitors can sign the petition urging Utah’s governor and legislature to repeal HB116, find HB116 info, watch “The Forgotten Immigrant” video, donate and volunteer to help repeal this scandalous law.  I urge all readers to visit and sign the petition (it is reported that 1,000 signatures were received within the website’s first 10 hours).

Activists working to repeal HB116 have expressed their dismay and displeasure with legislators who voted for the bill, and with Governor Herbert for signing the bill into law.  Republican lawmakers are particularly under fire for signing a bill which egregiously violates the Immigration Planks of county, state and the national Republican Party Platforms.

Many Republican delegates have launched an unofficial “repeal and replace” campaign — repeal HB116 and replace any lawmaker who supported it.  Delegate Brandon Beckham, who helped create the Repeal116 website, told 2News that if the governor and legislators don’t overturn the guest worker program, opposition to their reelections will grow.  “It’s already growing.  It’s already growing immensely,” he said. Republican activist Candace Salima said if lawmakers do not repeal HB116, “Then we begin to actively campaign against everyone who voted for it.”  Rather than call it a threat, she said, “It’s a promise.”

This week, Tea Party organizer, David Kirkham, told ABC 4 that Governor Herbert is weak politically and will be challenged.  Tea Party activists, who helped knock Senator Bob Bennett out of office, are setting their sights on Governor Herbert.  Big-name politicians who have been dethroned in recent years (Cannon, Bennett, and soon Herbert) all have in common a weak track record on immigration law enforcement.

Herbert’s office released a statement Friday calling those asking for repeal a “vocal minority”.  I believe those are the exact words uttered by Senator Bennett shortly before he was voted out of office by delegates last year.  Herbert said, “We’re not asking to control immigration status”.  Governor, did you read HB116 before you signed it?  Controlling immigration status is EXACTLY what the bill does.  Herbert then tried to pass the buck by blaming our immigration woes on our federal delegation (again, notice that we have pruned from our federal delegation those who were weak on immigration law enforcement).

The Tea Party movement is unhappy with Herbert and legislators for their support of HB116 and HB477 (GRAMA amendments).  HB477 was quickly repealed due to public outcry, and voters are asking the same fate for HB116.  HB116 will be a tougher-sell, however . . . the press was personally and negatively affected by HB477 and the limitations it set for requesting government documents, and thus put all their muscle behind its repeal.  Conversely, the press enjoys printing emotional stories about illegal immigrants and unscrupulous employers’ desire for cheap illegal immigrant labor, so they will not be very helpful in the fight against HB116.  The fight to repeal HB116 will be left entirely to the voters.  Will Utah’s government listen to the voters?

Please sign the petition at Repeal116 and let your voice be heard!

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