Will there be a Veto Override Session?

The chances are “pretty good,” says state House Speaker Becky Lockhart, that the Legislature will call itself back into a veto override session before May 9.  The legislature has 60 days after general session adjournment to convene an override session, which would be May 9.  At issue are four bills vetoed by Governor Herbert:

  • SB229 – Transportation Funding Revisions, which would earmark a growing percentage of certain sales tax proceeds for transportation projects.
  • SB294 – Patient Access Reform, dealing with the Utah Health Exchange.
  • HB328 – Requires state offices to be open on Fridays (most are now closed, as state employees work four, 10-hour days)
  • SB305 – Requires colleges to work more closely with economic development officials to see students get degrees needed in the workplace.

Lockhart reports that at least two of these bills – SB229 and SB294 – may have the required two-thirds override votes. Read the full story at UtahPolicy.com.

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