Did Chamber of Commerce and Governor Abuse/Use LDS Church?

This is a great Letter to the Editor composed by a friend of mine who is a legal immigrant, who gave me permission to post it here:

Did the Chamber of Commerce and the Governor Abuse and Use the Church?

In an article dated March 30th, 2011 in Utah’s online Examiner.com, Robin Rigg the Executive Vice Chair of the SL Chamber of Commerce admitted the Amnesty Guest worker program was hatched by them and that they devised a strategy to make sure their fingerprints were not all over it. In essence, the strategy was to enlist groups all over the state and this was accomplished by crafting a bunch of Principles that would be attractive and called it “The Utah Compact”. If they could snare the big fish, the LDS church then victory was in the bag.

For those who don’t believe Utah politics can be that devious…. Remember the Temple mailer sent out to delegates just days before the State Convention to turn them against Mike Lee and give the perception that he was arrogant about his religion? Lobbyist Tim Stewart, Of Cache Valley, admitted to his complicity in the matter and boasted that it was “the most brilliant and possibly the biggest fame-changing political play in Utah politics in the last 20 years”.

Was the LDS church used and abused in getting HB 116 passed and made into law? In my opinion, they were. I’ve concluded this after I called the Church Public Relations department and was able to have my questions and concerns addressed. I wanted to know how the church could be supporting bills that were admittedly unconstitutional and violated the Republican party platform. To my surprise I was told that the Church did not support the bills. They supported the parts of the Compact that dealt with compassion. They did not sign the Compact because of the parts that dealt with giving amnesty which the Church does not endorse. Bishop Burton was invited to the signing ceremony but was unaware that he would be asked to speak and thus his remarks were, off the cuff, (not a prepared church statement) and his intent was to only refer to the compact and not the bills. They’ve asked that all those who are making statements claiming the Church endorsed any bills to stop doing so.

I was referred to the “Administering the Church Handbook 2” for the official policy of the church on immigration. The policy and HB 116 contradict each other. Members of the LDS Church should be confident that there is no conflict between LDS policy on immigration and supporting a repeal of Utah’s Amnesty Law, HB 116. If you need to have this issue clarified you can call the Church at (801)240-1000 and ask to speak to a representative who can answer questions about illegal immigration. Sign the petition at http://www.Repeal 116.com.

Michele Alder
North Logan

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One Response to Did Chamber of Commerce and Governor Abuse/Use LDS Church?

  1. Dave Duncan says:

    From the church handbook, which is available online at LDS.org:

    Emigration of Members

    Generally, members are encouraged to remain in their native lands to build up and strengthen the Church. Opportunities for Church activity and for receiving and sharing the blessings of the gospel are increasing greatly throughout the world. As members remain in their homelands and work to build the Church there, great blessings will come to them personally and to the Church. Stakes and wards throughout the world will be strengthened, making it possible to share the blessings of the gospel with an even greater number of Heavenly Father’s children.

    Experience has shown that those who emigrate often encounter language, cultural, and economic challenges, resulting in disappointment and personal and family difficulties.

    Missionaries should not ask their parents, relatives, or others to sponsor members who wish to emigrate to other countries.

    Members who emigrate to any country should comply with applicable laws.

    When coming to the United States or other countries on student or tourist visas, members should not expect to find jobs or obtain permanent visas after entering that country.

    To be considered for Church employment in any country, a person must meet all conditions of immigration and naturalization laws. The Church does not sponsor immigration through Church employment.

    (Emphasis added.)


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