My Picks for UCRP Leadership

We are fortunate to have a group of great candidates who are running for leadership of the Utah County Republican Party; however, we can’t keep them all, so we have to pick the very best to lead our County Party for the next two years.

I have served in the Party alongside most of these candidates, and I know them well – I have seen how they perform, how they lead, how they treat others, how they defend (or don’t defend) the Party Platform, and what their goals are for helping the Party succeed.  I have also spent the last couple of weeks reading candidate emails, websites, talking with candidates, and I have attended four (4) Meet-the-Candidates events.  Let’s just say I feel pretty confident that I have performed my due-diligence in researching the field of candidates.

And now, I’m ready to make choices and publish my own personal recommendations for leadership.  Here they are:

Dave Duncan debates

Chair:  Dave Duncan
Dave Duncan is one of the most principled people I have had the pleasure of meeting.  He has proved through his years of service to the Party that he is a man of intelligence and integrity who is a thoughtful and fair leader – something our Party desperately needs right now.  He is a true conservative who respects and defends our Platform and the Party’s governing documents, which are created and ratified by the delegates.  Dave is a literal student of Robert’s Rules of Order (we attend the same RONR study group), and is prepared to run meetings in an orderly and efficient fashion, ensuring that all have a voice and that the will of the majority prevails.  This will allow the best ideas to emerge so that the Party can generate and accomplish new and exciting endeavors.  Visit Dave’s website for more information about how he will serve and improve our Party. 

Lisa Shepherd speaks about the issues

Vice Chair:  Lisa Shepherd
No one works harder for the success of the Party than Lisa Shepherd.  Whether it’s organizing, networking, planning, campaigning, or fundraising, Lisa Shepherd does it all – and she does it with a big smile.  She loves the principles and the people of the Party, and is constantly converting people to the GOP and encouraging people to become involved and make a difference.  While other candidates are talking about what they will do, Lisa Shepherd is out there getting it done.  She is an incredible asset to the Party.  Visit Lisa’s website to check out her experience and her ideas for helping the Party grow and improve.

Kristen Chevrier and other candidates at a Meet the Candidates event

Secretary:  Kristen Chevrier
Kristen Chevrier will make a great Secretary and Steering Committee member because she is thoughtful, meticulous, principled, fair and organized.  She has done an exceptional job on the Constitution and Bylaws Committee, making sure that C&B proposals are well-written and well-explained.  Kristen is a fair-minded and even-keeled individual who listens to input from all sides, analyzes all the data and states her views in a respectful, thoughtful manner (which is unique in politics!).  I am especially excited about her plans to compile and keep a historical record within the Party.  Find out more about Kristen’s qualifications and ideas at Kristen’s website.

Steve Reid (left) and Treasurer candidates

Treasurer:  Steve Reid
I have been very impressed with Steve Reid’s willingness to be involved in the community and in the Party, his knowledge on the issues and his conservative principles.  He has experience managing money and experience managing and leading people, which will be helpful in the both role of Treasurer and as a Steering Committee member.  Steve is a dedicated member of the Party and often takes the time to attend meetings he is not required to attend – simply to stay informed about Party issues and procedures.  He is a true conservative who is engaged, engaging and well-informed. He will be an asset to the leadership team of the Utah County Republican Party.  Visit Steve’s website for more information about his experience and ideas. 

I am excited to see who our new leadership team will be!  The field of candidates running for election gives delegates a choice between good, better and best candidates.  I think the above candidates are the best choice for leadership of the Utah County Republican Party. 

Saturday, April 30, 2011
Maple Mountain High School
51 N. 2550 E., Spanish Fork
8:00 a.m.  – Senate District Meetings
10:00 a.m.  – Convention Starts

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