Utah County Adopts Support the Platform / Repeal HB 116 Resolution

On Saturday, Utah County Republican Party delegates voted to adopt a resolution entitled “Repeal 116: A Resolution in Support of National, State and County Republican Party Immigration Platforms”.  The vote was 443 in favor, 365 against.  The adoption of this resolution by Utah’s second largest county sends a huge message that a majority of Republican County Delegates do not think that HB116 conforms to the Party Platform, the Rule of Law, or the US Constitution, and they want it flat out repealed or repealed and fixed to make it constitutional.

There are already a couple of excellent write-ups on yesterday’s convention, so rather than reinventing the wheel, I will refer you to “Another Big Win to Repeal Utah’s Amnesty Law” on the American Leadership Fund’s website, and “Utah County GOP Asks Legislature to Repeal Guest Worker Bill” on the Daily Herald website.  There is also a news video clip on the Fox13Now website.

I offer great and sincere thanks and much respect to our County Delegates for having the fortitude to stand in defense of our Platform and the Constitution! Especially in light of the media’s recent despicable and desperate attempts to intimidate and discourage those who would stand on principle.  I love to attend conventions and see the high level of dedication and participation shown by our fabulous Republican delegates.

Also, much thanks and appreciation to all those who have helped / are helping with efforts to educate the public and the seek repeal of Utah’s amnesty law.  I am so fortunate to work with such brilliant and principled people!

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