State Central Committee Meeting

Last Saturday, the outgoing Republican Party State Central Committee gathered in Fillmore for their final meeting.  The Salt Lake Tribune published a wrap-up article about the meeting.

One of the items of business at the meeting was to elect 3 interim members of the Constitution and Bylaws Committee, who will serve until the new batch of State Central Committee members (elected at recent County Conventions) takes over and holds new elections.  The three vacancies were due to some members no longer holding the elected positions required to maintain SCC membership.  The new C&B members elected were Lisa Shepherd, Stan Lockhart and Kurtis Constantine.

The SCC also voted to retreat into an executive session in order to consider a resolution (submitted by Thomas Clay) which would banish Republican Mike Ridgway from “attending, participating in, or running for URP office in any meeting of the URP, including URP Conventions, URP State Central Committee meetings, URP Executive Committee meetings, URP gatherings or events sponsored or hosted by the same.”  The resolution was originally submitted in January and debated for a while before being sent back to committee; it reappeared at Saturday’s meeting, where it passed.

While Ridgway’s communication style is not always congenial, I have to say this is the most mean-spirited thing I think I’ve ever seen one person do to another person in public.  The Party leaders who passed this resolution are the same who preach unity and an end to bickering within the Party.  Amazing.

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