Repeal HB 116 Resolution Passes Committee; Placed on Convention Agenda

On Wednesday, the Utah Republican Party Resolutions Committee screened all resolutions submitted for the State Convention.  The resolution entitled “Uphold the Constitution of the United States and Republican Immigration Platforms: Repeal HB116 and Replace” received a unanimous vote to forward the resolution to the convention; it will now be placed on the Convention agenda.

On June 18, Republican Delegates from across the state will have the opportunity to let their voices be heard as they vote to support the Constitution of the United States and the State and National Republican Party Platforms, by voting FOR this resolution.  (Read the resolution here: Uphold Constitution-GOP State Resolution-1).  Similar resolutions have already passed in the Uintah County Central Committee, the Salt Lake County Central Committee, the Salt Lake County Convention, and the Utah County Convention.

Newsmax has posted a short wrap-up article regarding the committee hearing.  Notice they gave me a promotion (or is it a punishment??) from State Delegate to State Rep.

The Daily Herald also posted a good in-depth article.  Here are my favorite paragraphs from that article:

“My resolution really aims to get to the heart of an issue here in Utah,” Witte said.

That heart is that the comprehensive immigration solution passed by state lawmakers in the last legislative session, according to Witte and her supporters, is not instep with the Republican Party platform and does not comply to the U.S. Constitution.

Besides the platform issues and the constitutionality of the bill, Witte also says she opposes the law because it does not help immigrants or show compassion for them.

“It encourages and rewards illegal activity,” Witte said. “I don’t think that is a compassionate way to address illegal immigration. It is not compassionate to encourage our neighbors to break the law.”

Witte also argued that the law does nothing to secure the borders, and that it has the potential to make Utah a magnet state or “sanctuary state” for undocumented immigrants. She also says the law is more instep with President Barack Obama’s immigration plan and is not a Republican-based plan.

“When he gave his speech in Texas, I thought it interesting that he seriously could have been reading straight from HB 116,” Witte said of Obama.

“It speaks volumes about HB 116 to hear that it is praised by arguably the most liberal president in our history,” she said. “HB 116 is not representative of the conservative ideals of Utahns, nor the conservative principles and values outlined in the Republican Party platform. I don’t think Republican state delegates want to be defined as being on the same page with President Obama on this issue.”

I am looking forward to gathering with my fellow State Delegates to vote FOR this resolution.  I have been so impressed with the current group of State Delegates.  These are the delegates who retired a long-sitting senator who refused to listen to the voice of the people and adhere to the values in the Party Platform.  These are the delegates who voted NOT to adjourn early at our last convention, but instead stayed to complete all of the Party business.  These are grassroots, constitutionally-minded, freedom-loving, law-respecting delegates, and I am honored to be counted among their membership.

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