Washington County Adopts ‘Support Platform / Repeal HB 116’ Resolution

Larry Meyers presents the Support the Platform / Repeal 116 resolution at the Washington County GOP Convention

At Saturday’s Washington County Republican Party convention in St. George, County Delegates overwhelmingly adopted the resolution entitled “’Repeal 116′:  A Resolution in Support of the National and State Republican Party Illegal Immigration Platforms”.

The resolution was sponsored by delegate Larry Meyers and was cosponsored by 15 additional delegates, including Representative David Clark and Senator Steve Urquhart.  The sponsors and speakers did a great job pointing out the problems with the bill.  Representative Clark and St. George City Councilman Jon Pike spoke on behalf of the resolution, arguing passionately that HB116 is a flawed bill and that enforcement can work and is working in St. George. The delegates had done their research and knew that HB116 is bad for Utah, and they voted overwhelmingly to support repeal.

The Convention allowed four speakers in support and four in opposition to the resolution; four great speakers spoke in favor of the Repeal resolution, but only three people were  willing to speak against the resolution.  When the voice vote was taken, it sounded to me like there were only about half a dozen votes against the resolution to Repeal HB116.  There were 255 credentialed delegates; the resolution was the last item of business on the agenda, and I’d guess that around 200 delegates participated in the vote.

Today on Facebook, Senator Steve Urquhart posted, “I’m often asked why Washington County takes such a strong stand on illegal immigration. The answer is experience. Our rapid growth has attracted (1) illegals who commit violent crimes in Washington County and (2) ex-Californians who previously experienced the adverse impact of illegal immigration. The approach of the entire state soon will be what Washington County’s is today.”

The momentum to repeal this badly flawed bill is on our side, and we look forward to taking that momentum to the State Republican Convention.

State Delegates, at our June 18 Convention please vote FOR ADOPTION of the resolution entitled “Uphold the Constitution of the United States and Republican Immigration Platforms: Repeal HB116 and Replace” (see below) to ask that HB116 be repealed and that any immigration legislation be fully constitutional and adhere to the principles of the Republican Party Platform.

Uphold Constitution-GOP State Resolution

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