HB 116 ‘Learn and Repeal’ Program Announced

Brandon Beckham adresses the crowd at the Repeal HB116 press conference 7/20/11.

At a press conference held today at the Utah State Capitol, Repeal116.com leader Brandon Beckham announced the launch of a statewide education program called “Learn & Repeal”. This program will include events and seminars offered free to the public in communities from St. George to Logan. Attendees will learn about the causes of and the negative impact of illegal immigration, with more in-depth education on HB116. This program will empower Utah citizens with solid knowledge about the issue, the dangers of 116 and why this amnesty bill must be repealed.

Utahns recognize that the federal government is not doing its job with regard to enforcing our immigration laws, but Utahns also know it is not prudent for individual states to violate the Constitution and create a patchwork of immigration and naturalization legislation.  Many are calling for a solution to our immigration problems, but they are well aware that HB116 is no solution — they want a constitutional replacement for that fatally flawed bill.  During the press conference today it was announced that Representative Herrod has opened a bill file for legislation that could replace HB116 while maintaining respect for the rule of law and the Constitution of the United States.  We look forward to posting more about that bill as details emerge.

Attendees confer prior to the Repeal HB116 press conference at the Utah Capitol.

Another option for replacement of HB116 is an E-verify bill that Representative Sandstrom is creating.  With the recent Supreme Court decision upholding states’ rights to utilize workplace enforcement, this option already shows promise.

Republican legislators report that they will begin surveying their constituents to find out where they stand on immigration issues.  I hope the polling will be fair and lead to an accurate assessment.  Funny thing about surveys – the results are completely dependent upon the wording of the questions.  Many legislators are trying to call HB116 a “guest worker program”.  However, a legal, federal guest worker visa program for skilled, unskilled, and migrant workers already exists.  Many people support federal guest worker visas that allow businesses to legitimately bring workers into the country to fill unmet employment needs.  I daresay that most do not support the amnesty that many Utah legislators are peddling as a guest-worker program via HB116.  If you receive a survey asking if you support a guest worker program, please consider clarifying support for LEGAL, FEDERAL GUEST WORKER VISAS created by Congress through their delegated constitutional authority – not for amnesty disguised as a state-run, unconstitutional “guest worker” program.

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