Back to Paper Ballots for Provo Municipal Primary

Municipal elections are upon us, with early voting beginning today, August 30, and running through September 9.  Primary Election day is September 13, and the General Election will be held Tuesday, November 8.

Because there will be a primary election in only two of Provo City’s four City Council districts (districts 3 and 4), the city has opted to use paper ballots instead of electronic voting machines in order to cut costs, the Daily Herald reports:

“We are going back to a paper ballot,” said Janene Weiss, city recorder. “It’s called the Optical Scan. You fill in the little round circles with a pen.”

The paper ballot is saving the city thousands of dollars. According to Corey Norman, deputy mayor, going with paper even with the printing drops costs drastically.

“When it was suggested to the mayor we decided it was a no-brainer,” Norman said. “We’ll be saving $25,000 using the paper ballot.”

Because fewer districts will be voting in the primary, a small number of voting locations will be changed.  Visit the Provo City website to verify your polling place before you go to vote; a candidate list may also be found at this link. Visit the state elections website for Early Voting locations.

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2 Responses to Back to Paper Ballots for Provo Municipal Primary

  1. Linda says:

    What is your feeling about the candidates?

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