Utah Compact Supporters Disrespect Veterans

Utah Compact supporters chose Veteran’s Day to meet and commemorate the one-year anniversary of the document that spawned Utah’s unconstitutional amnesty bill (HB116), touted by Senator Bramble as the “Utah Compact Bill.” The Compact is a thinly veiled bate-and-switch document that pretends to pertain to “immigration” in general, but was crafted by the usual pro-amnesty crowd and is being used to support illegal immigration, cheap labor and amnesty.

Illegal immigration has negatively impacted the job market for young Americans, and reports today show that the unemployment rate for young veterans is even higher than the average unemployment rate – 12.1 percent in October, vs. 9 percent for the U.S. overall.  The youngest of veterans, aged 18 to 24, had a 30.4 percent jobless rate in October, way up from 18.4 percent a year earlier.  HB116 will grant an unlimited number of work permits in unlimited job sectors to illegal immigrants who come to Utah; it will also grant them legal status within our state.  This will greatly harm job-seeking citizens in general, and our young and veteran job-seekers in particular.

Check out the following press release from the Utah Coalition on Illegal immigration (a coalition of various Utah organizations concerned about the negative impacts and the victims of illegal immigration) :

Salt Lake City **—November 11, 2011—* Rather than celebrating Veteran’s
Day and honoring the millions of veterans who have served their nation,
advocates for illegal aliens who have violated the sovereignty and laws of
the United States are overriding Veteran’s Day to promote their pro-amnesty

Led by the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce, community, political and
religious leaders who place the interests of illegal immigrants ahead of
those men and woman who have served our nation, Utah Compact organizers
will once again use Veteran’s Day to promote amnesty by reaffirming their
support of the disingenuous and open-ended Utah Compact.

Just one year ago on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, the
Utah Compact was signed. According to former Bountiful American Legion Post
Commander and Utah Coalition on Illegal Immigration (UCOII) co-founder
Ronald Mortensen, “The actions of the Compact supporters are in sharp
contrast to the position of America’s veterans’ organizations and are a
slap in the face to the millions of veterans who oppose illegal immigration
and who have fought and died to preserve the sovereignty and U.S.

According to the American Legion’s official policy on illegal
immigration: The American Legion is opposed to any policy that would give
illegal immigrants legal permission to remain in the United States, whether
such a policy is referred to as “legalization,” “regularization,” “a guest
worker program,” “earned status adjustment,” or “earned access” (Source: http://www.legion.org/documents/legion/pdf/illegalimmigration.pdf).

“Any such amnesty policy would send a clear message that the
interests of law-breakers take precedent over those of our service
members,” said past National Commander Jimmie L. Foster. “Like many
Americans, our veterans need jobs, health care, and other benefits they
earned and deserve by serving our nation in uniform, often during times of

Foster continues, “I am astonished that the individual interests of illegal
immigrants would ever move ahead of veterans, military personnel and their
families when it comes to case-by-case analysis.”

Additionally, the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) website states that
“Illegal immigration is a monumental threat to our homeland security.”
(Source: http://www.vfw.org/VFW-in-DC/Homeland-Security—War-on-Terrorism/).

To learn more about today’s attempt by Utah Compact organizers to overshadow
Veteran’s Day with amnesty, please read: Supporters of the Utah Compact
Display Shocking Disrespect for America’s Veterans <http://cis.org/mortensen/utah-compact-disrespects-veterans>*. *

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