UCRP to Vote on Automatic Delegates

Thursday’s Utah County Republican Party Central Committee meeting promises to be very interesting.  After years of sometimes heated argument and debate over “automatic delegates”, the Party will finally vote on the issue when it addresses a Bylaw change proposal that could do away with some or all automatic delegates.

Automatic delegates, formally known as ex officio delegates, are those who are given delegate status by virtue of the Party office they hold, rather than by election at their precinct caucus.  Thursday’s vote will focus only on State Delegates.

At the heart of the controversy over automatic delegates is the delegate allocation process: when the Utah County Party receives their delegate allocation numbers from the State Party, they scoop off the top of the number of delegate spots they wish to award to ex officios, and then apportion the remainder to the precincts for election at caucus.  In 2010, 78 delegate spots (approximately 11% of the county’s total) were siphoned away and given to ex officios.  That means 78 precincts did not receive a State Delegate they had earned.  The following 78 precincts would have been able to elect an additional State Delegate at caucus in 2010 if those delegate positions had not been given to ex officios instead.  Is your precinct one of them?

American Fork: AF04, AF10, AF11
Alpine: AL04, AL05
Birdseye / Covered Bridge: BECB
Cedar Hills: CH01, CH03
Draper: DR01
Elberta: EL01
Eagle Mountain: EM01, EM03, EM05
Elk Ridge: ER01
Highland: HI01
Lehi: LE07, LE08, LE09, LE15, LE16, LE17
Lindon: LI03
Mapleton: MA02
Orem: OR01, OR05, OR08, OR13, OR16, OR18, OR22, OR25, OR26, OR31, OR32, OR35, OR36, OR37, OR38, OR39, OR40, OR41, OR48
Payson: PA08
Provo Canyon: PC01
Pleasant Grove: PG03, PG04, PG08, PG13, PG14
Provo: PR02, PR03, PR04, PR10, PR12, PR13, PR20, PR32, PR40, PR42, PR45, PR47
Spanish Fork: SF01, SF06, SF10, SF12, SF16
Spring Lake: SL01
Springville: SP02, SP05, SP06, SP07, SP08, SP11, SP15
Santaquin: SQ01
Saratoga Springs: SR01, SR05
Woodland Hills: WH01

The following officers are listed in the Utah County Party documents as ex officio State Delegates:

  • Executive Committee Members
  • Legislative District Vice-Chairs and Education Officers
  • Federal Republican Elected Officials residing in Utah County
  • State Republican Elected Officials residing in Utah County
  • County Republican Elected Officials
  • State Party Officers residing in Utah County
  • The most recently released County Party Chair
    (Bylaw 1, A, 3, b)

Note that Precinct Chairs are NOT included in this list of ex officio State Delegates.  Executive Committee Members includes the four elected officers (Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary), the five appointed officers (Education, Volunteers, PR/Media, Organization, Finance), the Legislative District Chairs, and the Chairs of the Audit Committee and the Constitution and Bylaws Committee.

The bylaw change proposal to be heard Thursday will allow the Central Committee to vote to do away with all ex officio delegates, or they will have the option to pick and choose which ex officios they wish to keep (or, of course, they could choose to go with the status quo and leave things unchanged).

It will be exciting to see this hot-button issue finally come to a vote.  Before Thursday’s meeting, Central Committee members are asked to review the bylaw proposals and pro/con information distributed by the Constitution and Bylaws Committee so members will be prepared to participate in discussion and voting.

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One Response to UCRP to Vote on Automatic Delegates

  1. Drew Chamberlain says:

    100% of your State Delegate positions MUST be allocated to the precincts. If you have questions please call me at 801-913-4611.

    Drew Chamberlain
    State Party Secretary

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