Automatic Delegate Issue Left Unresolved

Members line up to speak for or against eliminating ex officio (or "automatic") delegates

Woooooo, if you missed attending the Utah County Republican Party Central Committee meeting tonight, you missed one wild ride!

Tonight the committee was scheduled to vote on bylaw amendments that could have eliminated or reduced the number of ex officio (“automatic”) state delegate seats — seats that are taken from the precincts and awarded to various leaders in the Party.  This issue has a long and controversial history, and people on both sides of the issue are passionate about their views.

The committee was only minutes away from casting ballots on the first proposal, which would have eliminated all ex officio delegates, when the clock struck 9:00 p.m. — the set adjournment time for the meeting.  A motion to extend the meeting until the bylaw votes were taken failed by just *5* votes of the 2/3 threshold required, and so we stood adjourned, ballots in hand.

The sentiment of the body seemed to me to be in favor of getting rid of at least some (if not all) ex officios, and I think this would have been the result had we been able to ballot.  However, a credentialing snafu ate up much of the meeting time (coincidence? sabotage?).  In a departure from the norm, when members arrived and signed in to be credentialed they were not given any name tag, wrist band, etc., that would have designated them eligible to vote.  Additionally, many of the members’ names were absent from the credentials list, and some nonmembers names were on the list.  This caused a ruckus even before the meeting started, as members were concerned about the integrity of the vote.  This snafu lead to nearly an hour of debate on whether the committee could or should move forward with such important votes.  In the end we decided to move forward with our business, but precious time had been gobbled up and the automatic delegate issue was left unresolved.

This issue ain’t over.  The vote on automatic delegates will certainly be raised again at our next meeting, so stay tuned!

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10 Responses to Automatic Delegate Issue Left Unresolved

  1. Lisa Shepherd says:

    This was such a roller coaster. We also approved a new Vice Chair, Bonnie Marrow, as well as the new C&B Chair and Vice Chair. Adrielle Herring resigned to work on a campaign.

    Not only was there a lack of notification by mail of the meeting and a lack of a list of current officers, we also had NO credentials and incomplete sign in sheets. Can’t forget there were no printed agendas, minutes for presentation and approval, credentials reports, and when a motion was asked to be read back to the “body” from the secretary, there was no response. NO, NO, NO. The chair assumed full responsibility for the problems, but those duties are not the chair’s to claim. Those duties belong to the elected secretary. How do I know? I just finished my busy, busy, busy term as the secretary.

    • Bruce Armstrong says:

      Lisa, I don’t know if we shall ever see a secretary who worked as hard or put as much time into the position as you did. I admire the work you did. Nevertheless, getting too hung up on details is not productive. There was no effort to hide what was going on at the meeting. Again and again we have seen individuals abuse parliamentary procedure to attempt to force a personal agenda. It is ludicrous that we continue to spend a huge part of the meetings arguing about agenda and procedure. If we could just agree to move forward in good faith, we would be much more likely to address issues that are of concern to all the members. There is not a conspiracy in the party. There is not corruption in the party. Those that serve have been elected fair and square. We should give them the respect that they deserve, No written agenda, no credentials — not ideal, but not corrupt. There is not a single shred of evidence that either of these shortcomings was part of an effort to thwart the voting process. The lack of these details should not have had an effect on who we want to vote in for secretary next election, but it should not have thwarted the entire meeting. Disagreement with party officials — OK. Disrespect and baseless accusations towards party officials — unacceptable.

  2. Lisa Shepherd says:

    B114A & B114B will be back next meeting.

    • Bruce said, “There is not a conspiracy in the party. There is not corruption in the party.” I disagree. If your involvement in the Party is light, you probably won’t see it on the surface. However, when you get deeply involved in Utah and in Utah County politics – working on campaigns, issues, and processes – you will come face to face with political corruption, even here in Happy Valley. In an effort to preserve power, position and to promote an agenda, people in the Party engage in all sorts of political wrangling. I’ve seen it many times first-hand. Utah politics could teach Chicago politics a thing or two.

  3. Ronnie says:

    The Republican Party in Utah County is so corrupt. What happened tonight with the credentialing process was no coincidence. In order to maintain their own power, the Bramharts and their buddy Jeremy Roberts will stop at nothing to ensure as many voters as possible are disenfranchised.

    • Bruce Armstrong says:

      Assuming that someone is corrupt because they don’t agree with you is poor form. It is time to start respecting each other, and maybe we can stop wasting a huge part of each meeting on parliamentary wrangling.

  4. We also updated our parliamentary authority to the 11th edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised. The vote was unanimous. At least we are unified on one issue. 🙂

  5. Gross incompetence or cunning conspiracy?
    You should have seen the fear on the faces of those who stood to loose their “Special” status. you would have thought we were voting to abolish gravity. As it turns out they needn’t have worried, the PTB had the perfect strategy to save them. After all , some animals are more equal than others, and we need to respect that.

    • Bruce Armstrong says:

      Yes, of course. PTB conspired to lure party malcontents to waste a huge part of the meeting complaining about details so that time would expire before it was time to vote. You saw the “fear on their faces,” This seems to border on the delusional. There are legitimate reasons to disagree on these issues. It is NOT useful to accuse those that disagree with your position as corrupt and conspiratorial.

  6. Lisa Shepherd says:

    Thank you for your honest feedback. I am not claiming that anyone is corrupt. I stated that it isn’t the chair’s duty to do the credentials and he shouldn’t have taken “the responsibility”. That duty does belong to the secretary.

    Thanks for stating you admired my work. I did work hard. I felt I took on a fiduciary duty and there was no room for failure. The two main things the secretary should never slow down on are: the delegates list (as it’s the most important asset the Party owns) and the minutes (which include attendance). We have a standing rule that requires attendance to all conventions and CC meetings be reported to the precincts. That can not happen without proper credentialing with accurate lists. Those duties belong to the secretary. The delegate list has numerous errors. We have no attendance lists for the last three CC meetings and no minutes from the last two. The Bylaws have not been updated adequately for the changes the CC made. It is important we respect the work of the many members of the CC and their time to devote to coming to the meetings. The Nov 17 meeting had over 200 members there equaling over 800+ hours collectively dedicated to the meeting.

    This is official Party business and we must have a secretary doing the hard work. This is the one position that can not falter in the Party as we have a legal requirement to update the delegate list and bylaws, etc…. I wish the secretary the best. I am still available to assist where needed and been ready and willing to train.

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