Special Central Committee Meeting Called for 12/10

A Special Central Committee meeting has been called by a petition of more than 10% of the Central Committee, as provided in UCRP Bylaw 8, C, for the purpose of addressing Bylaw proposals not finished at the committee’s 11/17 meeting.

The special meeting is scheduled for:

Saturday, December 10
9:00 a.m.
Dixon Middle School,  750 West 200 North, Provo

At last month’s meeting, the Committee was about to vote on how the County Party wants State Delegates to be allocated; however, due to a credentialing snafu, the business of the meeting was significantly delayed and a vote was not taken.  Members were very upset and have called another meeting in order to complete this important and time-sensitive work.  Special attention is being given to credentialing and balloting to help facilitate a smooth and productive meeting.

State Delegate allocation has been a heated issue in the Party for a long time.  Essentially, the issue comes down to whether or not all State Delegate positions should be allocated to the precincts for election at caucus, or whether the Party should be allowed to scoop State Delegate seats off the top of our allocation and give those seats to Party officials (known as ex officio or “automatic” delegates) instead of to the precincts that earned them.

Precincts earn State Delegates according to their Relative Republican Strength – that is, the more people in your precinct who vote for Republican state candidates during gubernatorial election years, the more delegates your precinct earns.  According to the State GOP Constitution (Article XII, 1.A), these delegates are to be elected in the precincts.

This is an important issue for the committee to address right now, without delay, because:  1) Legislative District Officer elections are coming up next month and candidates for these offices deserve to know whether or not the offices will come with ex officio delegate status, and  2) caucus is quickly approaching and the time for allocating delegates to caucus is nearly upon us.

In 2010, 78 precincts lost a State Delegate because it was reallocated to a Party official (three from my District, Dist 61).  Because redistricting will add more districts (and thus more Party officials) to our county, even more precincts will lose State Delegates in 2012 if the State Delegate allocation process remains unchanged.

The following precincts were shorted a State Delegate in 2010:

HD 27:  AF04, AL04, AL05, DR01, HI01
HD 56:  AF11, EM01, EM03, EM05, LE07, LE08, LE09, LE15, LE16, LE17, SR01, SR05
HD 57:  AF10, CH01, CH03, PG03, PG08, PG13, PG14
HD 58:  LI03, OR01, OR32, OR36, OR38, OR41, OR48, PG04
HD 59:  OR05, OR18, OR22, OR39, OR40
HD 60:  OR08, OR16, OR25, OR26, OR31, OR35, OR37
HD 61:  OR13, PR13, PR20
HD 62:  PC01, PR10, PR32, PR40, PR42
HD 63: PR12
HD 64:  PR02, PR03, PR04, PR45, PR47, SP02
HD 65:  MA02, SF16, SP05, SP06, SP07, SP08, SP11, SP15
HD 66:  ER01, PA08, SF01, SF06, SF10, SF12, WH01
HD 67:  BECB, EL01, SL01, SQ01

If the Party continues to accommodate ex officio delegates, redistricting will result in up to 17 more seats being taken from the following:

Seven for sure: PR01, OR46, AF02, PR18, OR19, OR09, PR26
Ten maybe: PG02, SF08, PR27, LI06, PR38, SF07, AL01, PR48, PR49, PR33

All Precinct Chairs and Vice Chairs should attend this Special Central Committee Meeting so that you can vote on this important issue.

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