Keri Witte for Legislative District Chair

I have decided to run for Legislative District Chair in District 61.  Following are excerpts from the announcement email I recently sent to the voting members of our district:

2012 will be an exciting and critical year for our district, Party, state and nation. With all of the challenges and opportunities we will soon face, I believe it is more important now than ever to have engaged, dependable and dedicated legislative district leadership.  We will be electing new legislative district leadership at our Central Committee meeting, and I ask for your support as a candidate for Legislative District Chair.

I have appreciated and enjoyed the opportunity of serving as your Education Officer for the past 4 years. I will use the experience I have gained and the bonds that we have forged as a district to move our Party and our principles forward.

My dad was a WWII veteran, and back in the day of typewriters he used to test his ribbon ink by typing the phrase, “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.”  As our national debt skyrockets, socialism encroaches, and power mongers seek control, now is not the time to become discouraged and step away from the political fight — now is the time to step up!  Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country.  I am running for Legislative District Chair because I am dedicated to promoting our Platform, defending the Constitution, protecting our unalienable rights, and working to elect exceptional Republicans who pledge to do the same.  Accomplishing these goals begins in our precincts and in our legislative district.

My 5 main areas of focus for District 61 are:

1)  Caucus – It is critical that our caucuses are well planned, our precinct leaders well trained, and that our neighbors are engaged in the process.  We must make this caucus a POSITIVE experience for all involved so they come away with a favorable perception of the caucus system.  I will work to ensure that we have the planning, training, and tools we need to conduct great caucuses. Our caucus system is under attack, and I pledge to defend the grassroots caucus/convention system that keeps political influence where it belongs – in our hands, in our neighborhoods.

2)  2012 Elections – This is a crucial election cycle.  I will work to make sure District 61 continues to be represented by Republicans on county, state and federal levels. I will work with the Party to ensure that our candidates have the resources they need to win, and once we’ve secured our district we must do what we can to retire Jim Matheson and Barack Obama!

3) – Get Out the Vote (GOTV) – I will make sure that you have the information and resources you need to make GOTV within your precincts simple and effective.  This election is important for your precinct — the number of Republican votes cast in your precinct will determine how many delegates you earn for the next two caucus cycles.  It is vital that we succeed with GOTV so that we can earn as much representation as possible.

4) Executive Committee Representation – The Legislative District Chair is your representative at monthly Executive Committee meetings, where key Party planning and decision making occurs and where Central Committee meeting agendas are formed.  I will raise the bar for representation by emailing you a meeting notice beforehand, seeking your input on topics you want discussed, and following up with minutes afterward.  This is a great venue for bringing forward your concerns and ideas, and for proactively promoting civil discourse and unity.  I have already been attending these meetings regularly – even though I am not a member of the committee – in order to stay informed about Party matters.  As Chair I will make sure your voice is heard in this important committee.

5)  Communication and Education – District 61 has been actively engaged in efforts to communicate with and educate our officers, delegates and the general public.  An educated electorate is vital — people are more likely to be engaged and empowered when they are knowledgeable.  I have worked with the Education Officers team to create educational materials for caucus, GOTV, officer/delegate training (and more), which will help us be more effective in our roles and in our neighborhoods. Communication between all levels of Party leadership is vital, and I will ensure a comfortable flow of information.

As your Legislative District Chair I will make sure you have the tools, resources and support you need to accomplish your precinct’s goals. I look forward to continuing to work together to promote Republican principles and candidates. I ask for your vote for Legislative District Chair.


Keri Witte

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