Representative Chris Herrod Announces Run for US Senate

Today Utah Representative Chris Herrod (R-Provo) announced that he is running for the office of US Senate.  Chris made his announcement at the state capitol, surrounded by dozens of friends, family and supporters.

Representative Chris Herrod addresses delegates at the 2011 Utah Republican Convention.

“I am running because I believe this is a critical time for the nation,” Herrod said. “We don’t have much time to fix our challenges. Our only chance to avoid extreme economic hardship is to quickly return to the principles upon which this nation was founded.”

At the press conference, friend Arturo Morales introduced Chris as a man of integrity, principle, courage, vision and humility.  Chris has consistently stood for principles and truth, even if he had to stand alone.  “I see in Chris the characteristics of a modern-day George Washington,” Morales said.

Alia Herrod, Chris’ wife, also spoke briefly.  As a legal immigrant from the Ukraine who once lived under communist and socialist oppression, she said she never thought she would have to stand in front of Americans and urge them to wake up and defend their freedoms, but that day has come.

Chris Herrod spoke about his goals to take America back to the constitutional principles it was founded on in order to avoid the fiscal and social meltdown headed our way if our government continues its spending spree.  “We need to bring the recession to Washington,” he said.

“Not only must we cut spending, but we must quickly grow our economy,” Herrod said in prepared remarks. “By repealing Obamacare and thwarting federal government creep, developing our own natural resources and reducing general federal government spending, I am confident the United States can regain ground as an economic leader of freedom.”

A reporter interviews Representative Chris Herrod after the press conference announcing his candidacy for US Senate

Herrod also spoke of his growing anxiety that our country is headed down the path to socialism.  Having lived abroad and taught free market business principles in the former Soviet Union, Herrod has experienced the results of socialism first-hand and does not want to see the U.S. fall into a such a dreadful system.  He said he hates socialism because it robs individuals of their full potential, weakens the family and eventually morally and financially bankrupts a society.  He said energy independence and financial independence are national security issues that must be pursued, and carefully developing our natural resources will help spur our economy in our small towns, our state, our nation and even abroad.  Developing our natural resources also will bring in more money for education, he said.

Herrod announced that he will not resign from the Legislature to pursue his bid for the Senate, but will remain and fulfill his duties to his constituents and to follow-through on legislation he is sponsoring – this announcement was met with a round of applause.  Because legislators are barred from raising campaign money during the legislative session, Herrod said he will be running a fiscally conservative grassroots campaign, and invited all to step up and help elect him as our next US Senator from the great state of Utah.

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7 Responses to Representative Chris Herrod Announces Run for US Senate

  1. nacilbupera says:

    Let us know when Rep. Herrod has a website.

  2. says:

    We couldn’t get a better candidate for Senator. Let us know how we can help. I need the website and how to donate to his campaign

    • Thank you! Chris’ website will be up soon and I will post it here when it’s ready. Chris is an excellent Senate candidate who brings principle, fortitude and a common sense conservative approach to the issues. He would love to have your help. Stay tuned.

    • Here’s his website – It would be GREAT if you go donate and help out! Since legislators can’t receive donations during the legislative session (which begins Monday), please make donations before 1/23.

  3. Doug says:

    The problem with Chris Herrod and virtually every other candidate is he knows nothing and says nothing about currency and money supply economics; nothing about the fact that in a growing economy the money supply must increase every year or the economy will eventually go into a recession; nothing about the fact that gold and silver miners provided this increase when we were on the Gold Standard; after we went off the Gold Standard to a fiat money currency, the FED secretly took this increase for itself by secretly creating money and spending it here and throughout the world to further the cause of the New World Order by propping up the economies of communist countries, funding anti-family causes such as homosexuality, feminism, women working away from their children, outside the home, etc, etc, etc. When President Lincoln needed money to fund the Civil War, he went to the U.S. bankers. They agreed to loan the government the money at between 24% to 38% interest. Lincoln refused, and with the consent of Congress, printed up 600 million dollars in interest free”Green Backs”, and funded the war. Why doesn’t Chris Herrod say anything about getting rid of the Federal Reserve private banking monopoly, which is the very foundation of our troubles. Why not get rid of the FED, create a Bank of the U.S. Treasury which could create money interest free when required by the economy or the government. If too much were created, we would get inflation and a big public outcry— create to little and eventually we would get a recession and a public outcry. Plus, no more debt from money created from nothing, handed down to our children and the rising generation.

    • Fiscal responsibility, economics and monetary issues are important issues for Republicans. I recommend meeting with each of the candidates to assess what they already know, and teach them what you think they need to know. There are many issues groups who do this to educate candidates/representatives about their issues, and it’s a very successful way to get your representatives on your side and let your voice be heard. I think you’d be surprised by how much Rep Herrod and many others know about these issues. And, like I said, help educate them if they need it. Thanks for posting!

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