David Kirkham Announces Run for Governor

Today Provo businessman David Kirkham announced that he will enter the race for Utah Governor.  Read more about his announcement at the Daily Herald.

David Kirkham announces he will run for Governor of Utah

A proven conservative leader, David Kirkham launched the Utah Tea Party movement in 2009. He travels the state promoting limited government, lower taxes and constitutional principles, and inspiring Utahns to protect their liberties by becoming involved in the political process.

Kirkham recognizes that Utah needs a leader willing to stand strong and use all legal means available to protect our state sovereignty and reclaim ownership of vast amount of Utah land claimed by the federal government.   He is focused on raising the level of responsibility, transparency and accountability in Utah government.  Kirkham is also dedicated to championing local control and choice in education.

President of Kirkham Motorsports in Provo, Kirkham is an innovative entrepreneur experienced in creating jobs, sound fiscal management and finding innovative solutions to tough problems. Kirkham Motorsports has been part of the Provo community for 17 years and is one of the leading manufacturers in the component car industry.

Kirkham has worked in Greece, Sweden and on a nuclear nonproliferation project in Russia, where he helped transition Russian nuclear weapons engineers into Russia’s new free market economy.  Kirkham traveled to Poland in 1995, where he encountered an economic system devastated by socialism.  He employed the principles of capitalism to create a successful automotive business out of the ruins.  He successfully fought a hostile government takeover of that business.  Today, he sees the dangerous federal slide toward socialism encroaching on Utah, and recognizes the critical need for a leader who will defend our sate against policies that ruin economies and societies.  Fiscal responsibility, innovation and creating jobs through entrepreneurial spirit are the principles that will propel Utah toward a bright future.

http://www.KirkhamforGovernor.com (coming soon)

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