EC Votes to Overturn CC’s Automatic Delegate Decision

The circus is back in town.  At last Thursday’s UCRP Executive Committee meeting, 10  members (all ex officio state delegates) voted to recommend invalidating and overturning the Central Committee’s recent vote to allocate all state delegates to the precincts that earned them.

Please attend this critical Central Committee meeting to vote on this issue:

Saturday January 28
Dixon Middle School (NE Entrance)
750 W. 200 N., Provo
9 a.m.
(credentialing opens at 8:30 and closes at 9:30).

Following is an excellent assessment of the situation that was emailed to Central Committee members by member Dave Duncan:

“Central Committee Members:Red Alert! The Ex Officios Say Your Vote is Invalid!Come to the UCRP Central Committee meeting on Saturday, Jan 28th, and reject the party establishment’s recommendation to overthrow your December 10th Vote.Thursday Night, Jan 19th, the Utah County GOP Executive Committee (EC), made up entirely of Ex Officio State Delegates recommended invalidating the Central Committee (CC) meeting held Dec 10th, claiming that notice of the meeting was not provided.This in spite of the following facts:

  • Best notice for a meeting in the administration of this Steering Committee (SC). Used the latest list provided by the party secretary
  • The party chair stated unequivocally at the meeting that the meeting was properly petitioned and noticed
  • Best attendance for a CC meeting since the county convention (275 credentialed attendees). Only one other ever had higher attendance in the past several years.
  • Most time-effective meeting under this SC (no agenda fight, ended on time with the agenda completed)
  • Organized balloting, counted in the open with no objections
  • No objections to the petition or notice were made at the meeting
  • The Steering Committee had 7 days to veto, and the veto deadline passed with no veto.
  • There is no other veto option over the CC
  • There is no provision for “invalidating” a meeting in our bylaws .
  • The national party rule (15c12) that was originally expressed as a concern applies to state party rules that “materially” affect the selection of national delegates. The Dec 10 CC meeting changed no state party rules–only a county party bylaw.
  • However, there are other parts of the cited national party rule (15c12) that the state and county party have knowingly violated for years, including 15c2 (caucus participants can’t “register” as Republicans at the caucus, and then participate) and 15d4 (ex officio delegates selected or elected before the beginning of the year of the convention cannot participate in the convention–this would disqualify half of our ex officios this time, and should have disqualified almost all of them, four years ago).
  • The EC is made up COMPLETELY of ex officio state delegates, who have a direct conflict of interest, in that B114A reallocated their ex officio state delegate to the precincts that earn them via the RRS formula.

Don’t let the ex officio delegates tell you that you can’t reassign their seats to the precincts!

The fight for freedom is continual. Let’s remind them that the Central Committee is the governing body of the party. The EC is only a recommending body, and when they recommend something as self-serving as this, that we simply tell them, “NO!”

More information:

Bylaw proposal B114A, which passed in the Dec 10h meeting by an uncontested 144-130 vote, reassigned ex officio state delegate slots to be allocated to the precincts for election in the precinct caucuses on March 15th. Previously, those 80-ish seats had been assigned to elected officials and higher-than-precinct party officers.

The ex officios on the EC decided by a 10-5 vote that the will of the CC should be overturned, and made that recommendation to the CC. The proponents wanted to have the EC invalidate the CC’s Dec 10th meeting, but it was determined that the party bylaws did not give the EC that authority.

Those trying to invalidate your votes at the Dec 10th meeting were: Scott Bell, Jeff Alexander, Jacki Wilson, DeLaina Tonks, Becky Pirente, Barbara Petty, Matthew Thompson, Marian Monahan, Stan Lockhart (proxy for Don Garlitz), Raphael Millet (proxy for Chad Bunn)

EC members who defended your Dec 10th vote were Wendy Woodfield, Chris Shelley, Lisa Shepherd, David Duncan, Peggy Burdett (proxy for Linda Houskeeper)

David Acheson and Cory Maloy abstained.

–Dave Duncan
EC, CC Member”

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2 Responses to EC Votes to Overturn CC’s Automatic Delegate Decision

  1. What you didn’t mention here is that it was because the CC went against our C&B in the vote – it was out of order according to the very bylaws that the CC voted for. According the the RNC the vote was invalid because of timing. That’s not to say that it wouldn’t take effect in 2 years after the next cycle, just that it’s not in effect now.

  2. Actually, that is not correct. Everything the CC did was according to our Constitution and Bylaws. Please cite your references where you believe the committee acted contrary to our Constitution and Bylaws.

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