1/28/12 Central Committee Meeting Wrap-up

Today promised and delivered another feisty Utah County Republican Party Central Committee meeting.  The meeting was incredibly well attended, with 342 credentialed members.  The big agenda item today was a proposed vote on whether or not to invalidate the last CC meeting (December), which was called by a petition of CC members and resulted in nixing the Party’s controversial practice of allocating ex officio (“automatic”) state delegates.  The move to invalidate the meeting was proposed by 10  members of the Executive Committee (all ex officio state delegates) in what appears to be a case of sour grapes over losing their automatic delegate status.  The crux of their argument was that proper notice had not been given (even though email, mail, website and phone call notifications were utilized).  After both sides presented their arguments, the CC voted overwhelmingly to retain the meeting as valid by a 220 – 113 vote.

Legislative District elections were also held today; the results can be found on the UCRP website.  I find it interesting (and inconsistent) that some of those who initiated and supported the fight to invalidate the December CC meeting – a move which was soundly defeated by CC members – were elected by those same CC members to lead their Legislative Districts.  I guess we can expect to see more of the same political behavior during their two year terms.

The Committee expected to take up the appeal of Jeremy Roberts, the Party Secretary who was removed from office by the Executive Committee as a result of a complaint of mal- mis- or non-feasance in office.  Surprisingly, Jeremy submitted a letter of resignation rather than following through with the appeal.  However, a formal vote on the appeal was still necessary, and the committee voted not to overturn the Executive Committee’s decision to remove.

Jacki Wilson and Jessica Christopher gave us some great Caucus training, and the Party is eager to host the Republican Caucuses coming up on March 15 at 7:00 p.m. (locations pending).

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